The value of credentialing in digital transcription is falling

The value of credentialing in digital transcription is falling. Employers simply don’t seem to care anymore. Enrollment is down in digital transcription due to a bad economy? How can schools respond. Push their product! Does it matter if the advertising is correct for you or not? Also, with new healthcare EHR on the horizon, why would people feel secure based on an unsettling future? Read a summary by Dale Kivi – (statement found at MT Exchange)Mr. Kivi, MBA, business development manager at FutureNet Technologies Corporation and a member of the board of directors for the Clinical Documentation Industry Association (CDIA), says he understands and appreciates the efforts of industry organizations that promote credentialing. However, he says organizations that purchase transcription services don’t seem to care whether the labor force is credentialed. Their interest lies in stipulating quality expectations and holding vendors to those levels, regardless of whether the staff are credentialed.

Employers don’t care and the U.S. government doesn’t know what it thinks of digital transcription based on the laws they are passing. Why would anyone push credentialing? Should you be careful? A pretty good school which is searching for angles to get students to enroll, pushes credentials. It offers a course on the subject. This will cost you more money! We won’t name them because this is not a scam and not deceptive. The issue is this – Should you as a consumer, spend money on something you probably don’t need? Do you have money to spend in this way?

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